Jasmine interracail dating

By Jasmine Washington There’s a new Hollywood couple on the rise, and people have some questions.

Newly divorced actress Naya Rivera is reportedly dating fellow actor David Spade.

ET obtained photos of the new couple packing on PDA while vacationing in Hawaii.

From the beginning we see Crosby and Jasmine, old lovers who share a child.That in and of itself is enough to supply those characters with drama and excitement to last them the entire life of the show.But it’s the fact that Crosby is white and Jasmine is black that adds even deeper levels to this story.No matter how much we want to deny it, no matter how progressive we all want to claim to be, mixed couples look weird.It’s not “natural,” not “the norm.” No matter how attractive Dax Shepard and Joy Brant are, there’s still something a little off about looking at them together.Now before anyone reading this gets all up in arms about the things I’m saying (again, see “We all think we’re so progressive”) know that I am black.Also know that I have never dated someone within my own race.So stories like this always mean a little more to me, always strike a stronger chord.When the Bravermans first meet Jasmine the looks on their faces say it all: “Oh. Didn’t see that coming.” That’s not to say they’re racist, they’re not. When most people hear about significant others that a friend or family member is dating, they naturally assume they are of the same race, and there’s nothing wrong with that.So it comes as a shock when someone isn’t exactly who you were expecting. Luckily the Bravermans are very open-minded and loving and accept Jasmine into their family with open arms. While I admittedly thought that giving Crosby a black love interest and a mixed (and incredibly adorable) child was a cheap attempt and progression when I first began watching, I’ve grown to see that the commentary is important. While they may look “different,” interracial relationships are not uncommon.And it’s not just black and white, the races or the subject matter. When people have to ask you “Is race not a problem with you guys? relationships have to face, but again, there is an added level when race is thrown into the mix. No matter how it may look, they do actually have very valid reasons for not wanting Haddie to date Alex.

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