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A sign, smeared with black dirt, marks the entrance to the Ladesfield Centre.In September, this dishevelled building in Kent county became a temporary home to teenage boys from Syria and Eritrea.They had come to the UK without their parents, hoping they could stay as refugees.

However, if they are male and aged 15-18, they are sent to a reception centre, such as the one in The Eurotunnel and major ports, such as Dover and Folkestone, sit within Kent's borders, making it one of the UK's three "gateway" boroughs, which receive more asylum claims than anywhere else in the country.These areas receive additional government funding to help deal with the growing numbers of unaccompanied children, but Kent County Council says the situation is still an "enormous strain" on its resources, and it is When someone under the age of 18 arrives in Kent, they become the legal responsibility of Kent Council.Kent is currently looking after 784 asylum-seeking children - double the number of children in March 2015.The Ladesfield Centre will host up to 40 asylum seekers at one time, and they will each stay for up to eight weeks before moving on.The council has assured residents the arrangement is temporary, and the building will only be used as a reception centre until 2016.But with more unaccompanied refugee children arriving each month, locals are Open Society Foundations studied white working-class communities across Europe.Nazia Hussein, who directed the research, said immigration often becomes an issue when people feel like they are forgotten by their government."When austerity bites, it bites really hard and these people from the white working classes haven't had the access points to say [to the government] 'these are my concerns'," she said."If attention was paid to the white working class, the issues around immigration and new arrivals would not be hijacked by particular [political] parties."Kent has seen a flurry of far-right activity over the summer.Anti-immigration groups such as the English Defence League and Britain First have held small demonstrations in towns such as Dover, Folkestone and Rochester. Residents worried the refugees would overload the town's dentists; that crime would rise; and the proximity of the centre to the local Joy Lane Primary School, just a few metres away, would endanger the children.Rival Facebook groups were set up: one to welcome the refugees and another to oppose the plans. Members of the opposition group were labelled racists, while the welcoming group was called aggressive and naive.

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