Matty d dating

So Matty J picked Laura and now they’re living happily ever after (until, ahem, they don’t). ” – before Matty offers up his slightly more accurate response.

It’s all well and good for them, but the rest of us are still reeling from seeing Elise and Tara’s very public heartbreak. “We had bumped into each other at the sauna in Icebergs – we were at the sauna at the same time.

Fresh from their first official date together (they spent it in a hotel room watching the Bachie finale and getting through “a couple of bottles of wine”), the happy couple sat down for a chat (read: grilling) on the truth behind the rumours swirling about their relationship – and their not-so-secret past. But we never spoke.” Laura then comes clean: “I noticed him and I was like, ‘who’s that guy?

’ and my friend, who is Bachelor obsessed, told me who he was,” she admits.

“I’d never actually watched the show before, so I had no idea who he was.” “Because we live so close to each other, we’d had so many sliding doors moments where we should have met but didn’t,” she adds.

he wished he could have ditched the 20 other girls on that very first episode and chosen Laura right away.

When asked how he thinks Elise and Tara might react to that statement, he’s quick to clarify that he means “in hindsight.” That said, he admits he made no attempt at contacting Elise after they filmed her rejection.

While Laura says it wasn’t enjoyable watching Matty date the other girls on the show, she saw nothing that upset or surprised her.

“Part of the process is that Matty has to package up his feelings and put them aside,” she says.

“I wasn’t ignorant of what was going on, but I knew what we had was really great.” Well this is it...

after 18 single dates, 11 group dates, 14 rose ceremonies and one amazing group of women, it all comes down to this final moment.

I've had to make many hard decisions and tonight's is by far the most difficult.

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