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rolandw writes We have daily stand-ups and normally there is at least one person missing from the room.

We relay via on-line chat but the sound quality is rubbish.

The remote person sounds great via our speaker when they use a headset but they can't hear what is happening in the room.

We need a wireless mic that copes with a large echoing room and will stop feedback. We're not an over-funded start-up so don't have an unlimited budget...

Recording Magazine January 2017 For over a decade Wade Goeke and Chandler Limited have been resurrecting and expanding on the classic gear designs found within the hallowed walls of EMI’s Abbey Road studios...

none of which has ever been commercially available before.

This includes the solid-state TG series, the Zener-based mastering lineup, and the recent REDD.47 mic preamp and RS-124 mono tube compressor (reviewed January 2015 and February 2016).

The new EMI LTD Type REDD Microphone is not a clone of any pre-existing classic model.

The mic has a dedicated head amp/preamp that’s based on the classic REDD.47 pre and is actually built into the mic and its power supply.

It also offers distinct tone shaping options which turns it into two mics in one. Because this design is patent pending, Chandler Limited is not releasing specs, graphs or component-level details at this time.

I have examined the mic inside and out, used it in sessions, and will tell you what I know and have heard.

If you are hoping for SPL levels, frequency curves, tube and transformer details, and the like, I apologize for disappointing you. Visually the REDD mic is similar in diameter, style and appearance to a classic Neumann U47.

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