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It’s a new website inspired by the season 4 episode “Hang the DJ,” in which a dating device known as Coach determines the length of a couple’s relationship.The website, coach.dating, asks you to “put your trust in the system,” which presumably also means putting a damper on any romantic thoughts that might cross your mind today. Then you’ll both be prompted to click Coach’s interface, at which time the device will reveal exactly how many more years, days, or minutes you have left in your current relationship.In theory, if you both click at the exact same time, you’ll have found your “ultimate match,” but in practice, it feels a lot more random.

Amy and Frank’s relationship has an expiry date of 12 hours, so after an awkward but sweet date, they part ways and are assigned new romances – Amy is given nine months with Lenny, while Frank gets a year with Nicola, who’s pretty much a nightmare.Completely trusting the system, which says these relationships build up a better profile which will choose their soulmate, they stick with their terrible relationships – that is, until Frank and Amy run into each other at a garden party and realise they actually liked each other.After Amy and Lenny’s romance expires, Amy is assigned multiple short flings, which she finds meaningless.But when Frank’s awful relationship ends, he and Amy are given another chance – but they promise each other not to check their expiry date.Throughout their romance, they discuss the dating app, and pretty much give away the show’s ending.Franks asks: ‘Let’s assume the system isn’t random. If it’s everything in your head, does it have thoughts?It slurps up all your reactions, it builds up a complex profile. ‘What if that’s us, and we’re stuck in a simulation.’ Remember that.Unfortunately, amidst the bliss, Frank soon gets weirded out by the fact his perfect relationship will end one day, and sneaks off to check the expiry date.The timer says five years – but, due to Frank breaking the promise, the time begins to rapidly reduce, leaving the couple with just 20 hours.When Amy find out, she storms off, both of them left heartbroken.Amy is soon notified that her pairing day with a soulmate she has never met before is imminent, and she can meet someone else to say goodbye to.

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