No bs video chat

Where Mike Jerrick is now: Taking care of his mental health.

https:// Jerrick Fox29/ Hey it’s Thursday so that means another Philly Gossip column for you.

Friday I’ll post Maria Papadakis’ wedding photos, then Sunday it’s more Philly Gossip, and Monday The Academy Ball Fashion Photos.

Mike Jerrick’s antics on Fox 29 have produced plenty of viral videos over the years.

I only reported on this because people make mistakes, he apologized.

it’s my biggest fear to accidentally curse when I’m on TV.

Even Fox News’ Mike Wallace hammered away at Trump’s Communications Director the other night, calling Trump a liar. Check out the GOP Retreat agenda at Philly (FTLIVE) Another scary dude in town Bryan Cranston ie Breaking Bad’s Walter White.

He’s filming a movie, Untouchable, with Nicole Kidman and Kevin Hart.

Remember Friday night Untouchable is filming car chase scenes on JFK and Market Street after 7PM until the wee hours of the morning.

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