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Many other dating sites charge for their services and we think that a true love should be 100% free.

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I was 36 when I met and married my second husband, and in my late 40s when we divorced.The sexual attraction between us was such that we had enjoyed wild and wonderful, passionate sex three times a day for the entire marriage. cuddling up at night before going to sleep, when the warmth of a naked body beside yours is irresistible ...and in the middle of the day, because we both worked from home and couldn't resist the thrill of it. We were twin souls and totally compatible sexual partners.When our marriage hit the rocks, we agreed that it had been a fantastic feast which had reached the end.I left him, I walked out, and now I was totally free to make love to whoever I liked.The sense of freedom was unbelievably exhilarating.It was this unbridled freedom to have a sexual existence which kept me going through the inevitable agony of a wrenching break-up.I was by then 48 and had fleetingly entertained the notion (I can't believe why now) that I might not be as alluring as I had been as a younger woman. I was bowled over by the avalanche of male attention and was pursued even more hotly than I had been in my tender youth.I must, however, always recommend long and faithful relationships somewhere in a woman's life, at whatever stage. Those years hone your bed-skills, your sensitivity to another human being's needs, mood swings and moments of exhaustion. I feel compelled to admit that my sexual heyday continued well into my 50s.A woman becomes a marvellous partner with increasing years. Then I reinvented myself as a sober and somewhat - though not entirely - celibate being.Now, at 77, I can look back with pleasure at how I indulged my sexual appetite.

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