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Plato once said, "You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation." A relationship starts off on better ground when it's not just words and promises. Otaku girls can be just as confusing as any other girl.

When you have mutual interests, it can be easier to coexist and get to know one another. The fundamentals don't change just because she's an otaku; she's just someone who likes similar things to what you like!

You'll have some common ground if you both enjoy anime, but that doesn't mean it'll be an easy road ahead of you.

Well, if you're looking for a like-minded girl to share your time with, you may want to consider an otaku girl!

Relationships don't have to be as complicated as they seem, though. While she does ask that Kyousuke try the games (and finish in a timely manner), Kirino doesn't give Kyousuke every game or series she's seen.

Here are 5 ways to date an otaku girl to make your life a little easier. You can enjoy doing things like live action roleplaying, cosplaying, or just playing video games together.

First off, just because you're dating an otaku doesn't mean you'll actually like all the same things. These are just things you can do casually without any pressure yet still enjoy your hobbies together. Being an otaku can have its difficulties for many different reasons, so remember to be sweet!

Do you think she'll like all the action, gore, and ecchi anime you'll watch? Of course, that's not to say that you only like these genres or an otaku girl won't enjoy some anime in these genres. When you both have the same hobbies, you'll want to share all of your recommendations and opinions. If your otaku girlfriend sees something that she's had her eye on but cannot afford, it can't hurt to buy it for her once in awhile because she deserves to be spoiled, right?

Let's not forget the number of issues involved with being female. She may need that reminder that she's intelligent, beautiful, or reasonably sane.It is reassuring to know that someone thinks the world of us otaku girls regardless of what society or we, ourselves, believe.We all need a little sweetness from time to time to help us remember just how great we are.Dating an otaku actually gives you a lot of variety, especially when it comes to date ideas.Yes, you can do the norm: dinner, movie, etc., but don't forget to add some variety to your love live.You both can enjoy going to cosplay meet ups, go to anime conventions, or shop for figures and video games together.You can enjoy your hobbies in your dates without feeling judged!Of course, that's not to say that everytime you go out it has to be themed around your otaku hobbies.It just means you have choices and more variety in your life so you both don't become bored when you go out.In addition, your otaku girlfriend may actually want to do something outside of anime once in awhile.As with every other relationship, don't forget to have some independence.

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