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The study, published in Nature Medicine, said the brain’s response to appetite hormones was being disrupted.Scientists will now be looking at whether the faulty transmission line can be modified, to help prevent and treat obesity, The Georgetown University Medical Center researchers hope their findings could lead to new ways to control weight.Many genes have been linked to obesity, one of them – brain-derived neurotrophic factor gene – has been shown to play a role in putting on weight in animal and some human studies.However, scientists at the Georgetown University Medical Center said the explanation for this link was unknown.After a meal, hormones such as insulin and leptin should tell the brain that the body is full and should stop eating.The researchers showed that in the mutated mice the message was not being passed on from the hormones in the blood to the correct part of the brain.

However, she cautioned that the study was “entirely in mice” and the mutation was “very rare” in people.

The single man was with a group of bikers in the Enniscrone St Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday and was on his way to join another one in Dromore West when he Gardaí said there was no other vehicle involved.

In Co Kilkenny, Fr Edward Murphy (59), who was based at Cambridge in England, was killed when his car collided with a tractor and trailer last Friday.

The incident took place on the M9 motorway at about 3.30pm.

Fr Murphy was the driver and only occupant of the car.

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