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I'm one of your fan in your group and your my bias.... I wish you ate the one of my visitors in my birthday at the 1st day of October..... hahahaha I feel the same way though, I also hope that someday I can meet him personally and I hope Shin together with cross gene would be able to visit Philippines and even hold a concert (which I'm probably not gonna be able to attend #teambahay huhuhu).

Hi shin won ho im your girl here in the phillipines every time i watch in youtube cross gene and i watch legend of the blue see in kiss i hope you read this and i have favor for you iwant a fansign for you p.l.s kamsahamnida oppa?? I don't know why but I'm still hoping they'll get the lead role and act together in a drama. please act in japanese drama, so i can remember you as the whole amuse, not just cross gene I really like shin won ho he is so cute and handsome when he is currently starring on kbs drama big when he role play kang gyung joon . soooooooooooooo~~~~~~~~ cute,, and i like his hair style,... Well I won't be surprised if he takes on a rival role with BEAST's Junhyung in Mnet's first drama called Monstar. But i still waited for the last episode cause i think you HAD TO BE APPEAR in the last. Be a main character and i promise i will watch it!! You were remarkable in BIG even if in 2 episodes only. I love watching Lee Min Ho shows even though i'm not a huge fan of him. Whenever I watch The legend of the Blue Sea, aside from the flow of the story, I am always looking forward for Tae-Ho. he is so fantastic i like shin won ho very much and he is my ultimate crush in kpop and he is the member of cross gene band......... Just predicting on a slight chance on what's about to happen... Didn't he also do like a mini drama in Japan with Takuya (another member in CROSS GENE) or was that a CF? .acting is really good i hope u will have bright future..that at the end.didnt gave the ending to u.. And I was so mad and felt so crazy you even didn't show at that time! Hope you will be given more TV dramas and your group will be successful too!! This is the first time that I admire a korean actor. I remember something dramatic happened like a kidnapping or gun fight. i was waiting til teacher n u to get back..i mean the real u... i think your role in BVS (as chan-sol) is better than your role in Big (as gyeong-jun). When I watch the drama, I thought he was so handsome! God, i really admire Shin Won-ho even at first glance. in big you just acted like a sleeping guy and only appears before the accident and flashback, a. in BVS, you weren't lead but you expressed your acting ability better. Actually I wish the end of this drama kang gyung joon will be with jang mary but you was already fall in love with gil-daran teacher ugh...... act in big maybe can help you gain more popularity. I was watch cross gene performance twice before on kpop countdown & I like their song (la-di-da-di) too, but I'm not realize he's one of them... your acting is good but you appear in big is too little (although you're the 2nd lead). I hope you get better role next time First time I saw him in “big” drama my heart beats sooooofast. How I wish you could have a fan meeting here in the US someday when you're back from your military duty... Your onscreen couple with PMY looks so real and natural. Ji Chang Wook your acting skills are really awesome. Perhaps it's because you always give your all in all your dramas. They have that innate talent within which made them really charming. We I loved Ji Chang Wook in Healer and I'm looking forward to see him in his new drama series The K2. I first saw you in Running Man, and I mentioned it to my friend (that you guested on Running Man) because she loves you a lot and she was so attached your old drama, Empress Ki. I look forward to more of his work in the future and hopes he picks great roles. that series makes me really into Korean dramas so " healer " was the bridge for me which connect me to all those awesome Korean stories so thank you Mr. Ji Chang Wook i'm from Manila Philippines i want to commend you for being such a great actor being given to you whether it is a korean drama or movie,you've done a great job for portraying the role.5 thumbs up..i love your role as emperor togon in empress ki. It was my first watching a show where he is part of and i was immediately captivated by his handsomeness and coolness and aura and etc. we liked the actor while performing the television, but they must have had a personal side that may not need to be known publicly. It's rare to find a young actor with such excellent acting skills. I'm looking forward to see you in another series soon... your body fitness is damn look like a Hollywood actor! when I see u every time I fell undet ur charm.o my god u r so handsome.can't take your charm. biggest crush on u Ji chang wook is the best actor in k drama. I hope to see good new projects from him in the future too. Love from your biggest fan:) I've watched all Ji Chang Wook's movie, dramas and musical play... Good luck, can't wait to see you acting after the military in 2019, that seems like so far, I'm so sad. I'm planning to watch all of your old dramas while you're gone serving your country. You are so funny, romantic, strong, wise and versatile in the drama. His acting skills are amazing and he has great chemistry with anyone he shares the screen with. They were my most favored k-actor alon with Joong Ki so far. And oh, I also found out that you were in the movie 'Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp' (because I really love watching horror korean films a lot and I realized that you were there so... Really wish to see him in new dram this year ❤ I really enjoyed watching 'Healer'....never knew about Ji Chang-Wook until I started watching 'Healer'... His acting in this particular drama is very real and he portrays his character so well that the audience hates him for being a coward. Can't get over Healer in my system, i've watch it 4x. finished BVS and he is really great as much as he is in healer.. awwww Hi , to be honest i know this actor by watching " Healer " series and he was awesome . I have a big crush on Ji Chang Wook since I have seen him on Hero along with the handsome and talented Lee Jung Ki, and since then I have saw everything with him (dramas, movies, commercials...) and till now Warrior Baek Dong Soo was my favorite drama of Ji Chang Wook and Yoo Seung Ho..Healer is the best k-drama I've seen from entire Asia :) He is so cool in Healer, total daebak!!!! For all the drama i ever seen it was Empress Ki who i admire most and i was really attracted to you. there are no perfect human beings, as well as the artist. I am now watching Healer and your acting is as impressive as well... Also I hope she does visit you in the military because that would be couple goals. My journey to Wookie obsession started with The K2, then Healer, and now with Suspicious Partner... I fell so in love with him after Healer, Ji Chang Wook completely stole my heart. He just nailed his role as an action star there and that sweetest moment they have at episode 15 i think is simply awesome. I am looking forward to watched other dramas he starred in. I also hope to see him doing hollywood movies in the future (action preferably) just like Rain. I'm still not done watching it, I stopped on Episode 12 because I don't want to end it hahaha! I'm your avid fan now and i'm looking forward for your future projects :) P. After watching Healer, I'm gonna watch Empress Ki because of you hehehe (my friend recommended it to me but I hesitated to watch but now, I'M GOING TO WATCH IT AS SOON AS I'M FINISHED WATCHING HEALER) My friend was head over heels for him back then in healer era and I don't understand her but god after I watched that drama myself, I finally understand. I'm so looking forward to your drama's next year : D I've watched all of his work and I'd like to applaud him for his role in Empress Ki. after healer i became a crazy for him, just searching and digging for any drama he appeared on. perfectly directed, more especially, the cast - roles well acted ... A long and fruitful career and a healthy and good life is what I wish for this young man. hello prince togon/ emperor...i really love you,first time i saw you in(Empress Ki) and i like u so much,the way you act and the way ur eyes look, your very charming. @lyn dont judge people if you dont see by it yourself,because you got news from your friend. JCW, I watched you first at Empress Ki and I was so impressed with your acting that I searched for your other drama series... At this time, I am watching K2 and looking forward to watch more of his craft. I hope it will make him even a better actor and as a person, by doing the military service. Ji Chang Wook, your acting in suspicious partner was amazing, I really hope you and Nam Ji Hyun will have a great future together(whether as friends or more). #Fabricated city#JCW rockzzz#fighting# JCW loyal fan# LOVE U Wookie forever❤❤❤... Wanna fight to have him for my own fr thousandsss woman in the world : D haha I have watched the Healer and i was amazed by his outstanding acting skill. Just don't know why he didn't get the best actor award. He is very serious about his work and I have enjoyed everything I have seen him in so far. After watching countless videos of your interviews and such on You Tube, im finally getting over you Mr. Hurry and make a new drama so i can obsess on you again (hopefully something like Healer as im not into period dramas). i can live happily without your great acting I just started watching The Healer last friday, oh man.. gosh, I stay up all night dying to watch each episodes and now I'm in the last episode. I saw you last time in Running Man and I think I wanna replay it again.. He's so amazing, I'm incredibly sad that Healer is already finished. I swear- he can't even be compared to anyone right now. I still can't get over the fact that Healer is finished, it was too good.

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