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from the office of the Official Rabbi of Slutsk, with a hand-written "declaration" of the birth of Yakov Aharon Berkov Zeliger on November 10, 1908 and a note that "the circumcision is to be performed on the same date".

This heading reads as follows: On the basis of para. According to the Decree of the Pedagogical Council whose meeting took place on June 13, 1883, and on the basis of para. Kantorovich "Uezd Ravvin" [= Official Rabbi of the District]: […] Shapiro".47 of the Jewish Primary School Code, the Pedagogical Council of the Slutsk Two-Grade Jewish Primary School, in accordance with its decision of June 13, awards this Certificate to the 1st year student, ZELIGER, Boris, in recognition of his success in studies and excellent behavior during 1881/82 academic year. 47 of the Jewish Primary School Code, this Certificate is awarded to Zeliger, Ber, with the proper signatures and the seal of the school appended. Issued by: Ministry of Public Education, Vilna Administrative Division, Principal of Slutsk "Gymnasium" (= Senior School). These three items amply demonstrate one of the problems of Jewish given names in documents.In the town of Slutsk, June 15, 1883 Principal: […] Rubinovich Teacher: N. "The bearer of this license, [registered as a] "meshchanin" (= petit bourgeois) from the town of Slutsk, Berko Yankelev Zeliger, born on February 21,1867 and being of the Jewish faith, having undergone, on the basis of the distinguished opinion of the State Committee of the Department for Public Education (royal approval, April 22, 1868), a full examination by the Pedagogical Council of the Slutsk Gymnasium and passed it satisfactorily, is awarded the title of Private Primary Teacher, permitted to teach his co-religionists only. The first item is somewhat "Russified", using "Boris".This license is granted to Zeliger to attest to the above-mentioned and is accompanied by the proper signatures and the official seal of the Slutsk Gymnasium. The second refers to the student by his Yiddish name "Ber", and the last employs "Berko", a diminutive of "Ber".Principal: […] Members of Pedagogical Council: Znamensky, M. In post-World War I Belorussian documents, only "Boris" is used. The system developed over the century and lengths of service changed (from 25 years and more at the beginning, down to 5 – 3 years in the 1890's, with varying lengths of reserve duty thereafter). In hand-writing it is noted that: "It is hereby declared that the discharged, immediately on his release from the army, receives his full personal rights and rights to his property, in accordance with the general code of civil laws and the fulfillment of his compulsory public activity." page 5 page 6 page 8 Traditional "Ketuba", using a standard form which was printed in Vilna (1884? "On Wednesday, the tenth day of the month of Adar I 5668 (March 12/13, 1908) in the city of Stuchin, Yaacov, son of Menachem Mendel the Cohen, married Sarah, the daughter of Yitzchok the Cohen.By the 1880's, the call-up process involved various stages: " The Jew from the Community of Ostrin, Lida Uezd (District), Vilna Gubernya, Leib Leizerovich PELIOVSKY reported to fulfill [his] compulsory military service, in the conscription of the year of 1890 and was assigned to the Reserve (? Issued by the Office for Compulsory Military Service of the Lida Uezd, on November 15, 1890, # 748. "[Standard traditional text] "Witnesses: Sender (= Alexander) Chaim, the son of Zvi [surname Sher?]; and Asher Aharon, the son of Yaacov Yisrael [surname Druk?]." Certification given by the Communal Rabbi in Borisov that the Marriage Register shows the marriage in Borisov on August 14, [year ?] of Mendel Berkov Chaikind (aged 22) to Fruma Novoselki (aged 21).Signed and sealed by the Rabbi of Borisov Dated: 9 January, 1904.For travel within the Pale of Settlement and beyond (meaning both into "Mother Russia" and abroad), Jews required travel papers.

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