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Autoglotonym (name given to the language by native speakers): Quechua, Quichua, Qheshwa, Keshua, Keswa, Runa-simi, Ingano (Inga), Napenio.The orthographic variants on the word “Quechua” are simply attempts by colonial Spaniards and criollos to represent the varying pronunciations they heard from different linguistic groups.At the time of the Conquest and colonization, all these names were more likely heteroglotonyms, since there is no evidence that the Quechua peoples themselves had specific names for their own languages (Cerron-Palomino 19-37).Quechua belongs to: Language Family: Quechuan Group: Quechua Subgroups: Using historical linguistics as a base, there are two subgroups: Quechua I, or Huahuash/Central Quechua Quechua II, or Huampuy/Southern Quechua Phonetically speaking while Quechua has many consonants, it utilizes only three vowels: a, i and u.Depending on the variations or the dialect of Quechua, these vowels may or may not experience different duration, but this fact does not change the number of available vowel phonemes.In the Southern dialects the consonantal repertoire includes aspirant and glottal variations.Morphologically speaking, Quechua is an agglutinate language with a highly regular structure in all its grammatical components.That is, morphologically structure is built through the use of suffixes and prefixes.

Modifiers usually precede the words they modify, similarly to English.You may find many more interesting syntactical features in Quechua Linguistics, by Rodolfo Cerron Palomino (1987).Fact 4 – Linguistic Classification of the Quechua Varieties or Dialects.Yes, there are written forms of Quechua dating back to the Spanish Conquest.While Quechua has traditionally been seen as an oral language, this view is being revised.Textiles and Quipus are studied to identify alternative forms of communication.In any case, because the language has been largely maintained orally for many centuries; there was not much concern about its graphicization.When Spaniards arrived to America, they had a very established tradition of writing and communicating through written texts.In 1560, Fray Domingo de Santo Tomas wrote the Due to language contact and also time and geographical isolation, the different varieties of the Quechua language have gone through a process of grammatical and lexical standardization.The best resources to find information about standardization are the following: Wolck's (1987) . Quechua in its different forms, is spoken in five different countries in Latin America: Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Peru & Ecuador.The largest number of bilingual and monolingual Quechua native speakers is concentrated in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.

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