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You finally gathered up enough courage to ask a mentor, or potential mentor, for a cup of coffee. You’re sweating, a lot; there aren’t enough Starbucks napkins in the world to dry your palms. Because you know the 10 best questions to ask a mentor: Ask this question for one reason only — making a connection while showing you care.And just when you think you have enough time to hit the restroom again, she strolls up to your table holding an Americano with two pumps of hazelnut in one hand – and years of experience in the other. Does your mentor have children, a favorite charity she supports, or an addiction to a particular Mediterranean cuisine?Most people who ask for advice never take the time to build an authentic connection.

A good answer reveals the number one trait of a great mentor — self-awareness. Try softening it by asking, “What did you learn about yourself in the last six months? A good mentor can help you filter out the best ones, and if you’re lucky, get you access to coveted “invite only” insider groups.

FORM is an acronym that represents the four universal rapport-builders: For example, you might find out that you have a location-based connection with your mentor after asking about his family or birthplace.

Or that you interned for the same company or share a common goal. Have you ever met someone who has mastered the dating scene?

You’ll notice they never leave the first date without the promise of a second one — ever.

Never leave a mentor meeting without the promise of a future encounter.

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