Quicken 2016 not updating transactions

Convincing a generation why it should actually pay for software.

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But if you haven't tried Quicken before - there's nothing in the 2016 version to convince you to start now.The question is can Quicken be turned into software that is again a must-buy.It's doable, but requires the software to be reinvented as much as the PC itself - the device on which Quicken flourished - has.The diminishing role of Quicken is partly by design as the software became a tiny part of a giant financial software company, Intuit (INTU).Intuit , which turned into a multi-billion corporation on the success of Quicken, is giving up the fight trying to sell Quicken to consumers.Intuit is shifting its focus to online financial services and tax preparation and has put Quicken up for sale.Intuit is betting on its cloud-based service and apps - which are free to use - but make money in part by pitching credit cards and other services to users. It's easy to write off Quicken as a dead product of a bygone age of desktop software. Quicken stands at the crossroads of a new age of technology - where it could play a vital role.While Quicken 2016 isn't exactly going to win over converts, it's what happens with the software next that matters.The product continues to fill a gap for investors and anyone interested in managing their own money to a great level of control - without hiring human help.For investors and savers looking for control over their finances that gives them the tools to be their own financial advisor - or at least educate themselves - Quicken even after years of neglect remains an unrivaled tool.Quicken still has the edge on its rivals in terms of:* Privacy and security.

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