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Sometimes readers will ask me — on the present site, on Twitter, on the lawless streets of America — they’ll ask me, “Hey Carson, will you keep me abreast of products that might be of some use to me, as a consumer of base-and-ball?” To which query I’ll respond: “You want me to keep you a breast of products like that? It’s a real English word, and has nothing to do with the female anatomy, like you’re clearly pretending it does.” In any case, my answer to the original question is: “Yes, but probably only, like, a month after such a product has been released, because what am I, a machine?” To which they’re like: “Yeah, abreast.” At which point, I’m like: “A breast? ” A thing that fits all of the above criteria was brought to the author’s attention over the weekend in the form of this tweet: lying.MLB Full Count (link) is a video service (in collaboration, it seems, with Yahoo) that provides “look-ins” to games in progress — and, it would also seem, highlights of completed games. Allow me to note immediately that, having never used the NFL Red Zone channel, I’m unable to speak to the similarities between MLB’s product and that one.However, having used Full Count for at least a full minute, allow me to make some conclusive statements about it: • MLB Full Count is available not only as a streaming online service, but also as an app for both the i Pad and i Phone.• While utilizing Full Count, you will see a Burger King (?) ad featuring aged Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler, his arm around what appears to be a blonde teenager.• It seems one of the appeals of Red Zone is that it allows fantasy owners to track their players.

• While Full Count features a narrator who announces the transitions in coverage (from game to game, that is), it doesn’t appear to feature a studio panel — or, at least, the cuts to said studio panel are infrequent.

• MLB Full Count is free — in case that wasn’t clear.

Wanting to dip your toe in the world of sex and relationships blogging, but not sure if you'll be that good/witty/hilariously funny/sexy? Although I find writing extremely enjoyable and very therapeutic, there are times when I have to force myself off Twitter and onto a blank page.

Fear not as we chat to last year's Highly Commended Sex & Relationships blogger, Katy Red who gives us the lowdown on how to establish a successful sex blog. The inspiration behind All Sweetness and Life I was inspired by the amount of disastrous dates I seemed to be having. There is no sense of achievement quite like a finished post you are proud of, which you can then share.

Actually, it was more that I used to spend hours relaying the stories to my friends, until one suggested that I shared all my horror stories online. Her Highly Commended accolade at the #Cosmo Blog Awards 2013I was absolutely thrilled to bits. My blog has always been a joy to write and I do it for myself as much as anyone else, but to know that other people enjoy it too is fantastic. Her #Cosmo Blog Awards experience It was fab and great to meet so many other bloggers, many of whom I followed on Twitter, so felt I knew already. Whether '50 Shades of Grey' has encouraged women to write more openly about sex Hmm a tricky one, I think it has encouraged women to read more openly about sex. I would also encourage people to use social media networks as much as possible.

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