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Gradma was babysitting for us and my sister as well, so we were in. So we hit a few local bars and had some drinks and dancing. She turned her back to me and reached for the button in her jeans. She knelt on the couch with h her hands in the back of it.

There was a large group of us going on a party bus for the evening, including our husbands and wives and some friends. My wife looked amazing, but she wasn't the only person who caught my eye. Ass her jeans came down further so did my hand until I could reach her pussy with my finger.

We were celebrating my youngest sisters 21 birthday. Before she had them over her hips I was sliding my hand down her are ass.

Me , Jana ( a year younger than me) a brother and another sister who is 18 years behind me. She whispered "I can't believe I am thinking about this" She pulled her pants down slowly ,apprehensively. This may be a once in a lifetime chance, I want it to last. I reached for the box of tissues on the end table and handed her a couple and wiped myself as well.

My sister wanting the whole 21 experience wanted to go to a casino too, so off we go. So me and Jana take him home and drag him upstairs to the bedroom. We stood there silentl for a minute, neither knowing what to say. I pushed upwards with my middle finger and could feel how wet she was.

I said "yeah same here, I was sooo ready for some ... We had both had a couple of drinks that evening, but not enough to get drunk. I told her "hell we ought to just do it, their both asleep, at least we would be happy" Hen kind of laughed a little. " I said "it's only weird if someone finds out, and who's going to tell? She's like "nonshit we should" and giggles at the joke. She was wearing a pair of black jeans that for her just right, a thin sweater that showed off her tits and a pair of knee high boots. Suddenly I have noticed how she really does look good... Something I had noticed as a teenager but had long since forgotten. I started sliding in and out trying to maintain some composure. We had barely started and she was pushing against me and pulling away. I pulled out and slowly and ran my hands over And sown her ass until I could reach her pussy with my finger, and pushed it in one last time. Between her wetness and my cum she was dripping onto her jeans which were still around her knees. I had my l ft hand in her hip pulling her to me with all I had and rubbing her furiously with the other hand. I knew she was in no danger and kept it deep insider while I released my load. Put her face on the crack of the couch that she had been holding, as I slid in and out a few more strokes, trying to make it last as long as I could. It's pulled up our pants I just said " well that was pretty damn amazing " She said " yeah but now it's kinda weird" I said "yeah but I think weird made it better". I said "we are both married and who would I tell anyway? She pushed back against me and clawed at the couch while Trying to be quiet because her husband was upstairs. I was getting close to losing my load so I reached around and put my middle finger on her clit and rubbed. I woke up the next morning with my wife looking at me. She ole up wanting sex and was kissing on my chest. This is the first chapter in this instalment that takes jaylynn to the hood,a gang of big dick black guys handle her like the tiny little slut that she is.Be on the lookout for more chapters cummings soon...Karl and his friends called me filthy nasty names slut, whore, bitch which made my pussy so fuckn wet.

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