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New Brunswick is one of Canadas maritime provinces.

Bordering Quebec it has a large number of french-speaking residents, although the majority is English-speaking.

Northern New Brunswick lies within the Appalachian Mountains and it has some major rivers.

Forestry is an important industry along with mining, farming and some modern service-based economies in health care and finance.

See some of the tourist attractions such as the Saint John Reversing Falls, the Kings Landing Historical Settlement and the Harbour Bridge from the webcams below.

She’s directed films about moose, bats, bald eagles, cougars and bears.Now, Fredericton-based producer/director, Christine Mc Lean, has turned her attention to foxes, in particular the urban foxes of Prince Edward Island.They have become a permanent residents of the island’s cities and sparked a debate about how whether the public should be allowed to feed them.“In some ways this was the most thrilling of the five episodes I have directed, because we saw so many of the animals our show was about”, says Mc Lean.“That was not the case with Ellie, the orphan moose, who died the day before we started shooting the episode Wild at Heart and certainly not the case with bats show, since they have been mostly obliterated from their hibernation sites in New Brunswick by white nose syndrome.It was so rewarding to see foxes and their dens up close.” It did take some strategizing to capture these charismatic creatures on camera though. Mary’s, which was screened at Silver Wave this past fall, is set to be broadcast later this year on The Aboriginal People’s Television Network.Videographer Robert Guertin, dressed in camouflage and set up his camera close to the ground under a green net. “That meant we had a precious half hour of light at the end of the day to capture them, as well as do outdoor interviews.” The Urban Fox will go to air on CBC at noon on January 22. It's time to renew your co-op membership for 2017, renewals are due annually in January for ongoing members.If you email Cat to ask for her help with anything filmic, the first thing she will ask you to do is renew as her focus is the co-op members in good standing.The paypal links for memberships for 2017 are up on the co-op website - Renewed and New Members: Josianne Chiasson, Gia Milani, Paul De Decker, Alexia Klombies, Cam Woykin (Fredericton), Dirk Groenenberg (Rusagonis) UNB intern/active Film Co-op member Carlee Calver, past staff person/active Film Co-op member Ashley Phinney and NB Film Co-op Tech guru Matt Carr work away on the Film Co-op's ongoing archival project.With: Linda Rae Dornan & Mathieu Léger From January 20 to February 28, this year, Moncton's Galerie Sans Nom presents PERFform, a Performance Art Tour which will travel across the province of New Brunswick.This unique tour will feature two New Brunswick artists who have established practices in performance art: Linda Rae Dornan (Sackville) who is also a Film Co-op member, and Mathieu Léger (Moncton).

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