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Battery is a criminal offense involving the unlawful physical acting upon a threat, distinct from assault which is the act of creating apprehension of such contact.

Battery is a specific common law misdemeanor, although the term is used more generally to refer to any unlawful offensive physical contact with another person, and may be a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances.

Although battery typically occurs in the context of physical altercations, it may also occur under other circumstances, such as in medical cases where a doctor performs a non-consented medical procedure.

There is an offence which could be (loosely) described as battery in Russia.

Article 116 of the Russian Criminal Code provides that battery or similar violent actions which cause pain are an offence.

In the United States, criminal battery, or simple battery, is the use of force against another, resulting in harmful, offensive or sexual contact.

The common-law elements serve as a basic template, but individual jurisdictions may alter them, and they may vary slightly from state to state.

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