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AKA Shannen Maria Doherty Born: 12-Apr-1971Birthplace: Memphis, TNGender: Female Religion: Baptist Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Actor Party Affiliation: Republican Nationality: United States Executive summary: Brenda Walsh on Beverly Hills 90210Doherty's voice made its film debut in the 1982 cartoon The Secret of NIMH, and Doherty first appeared on-screen in the morgue-hooker comedy Night Shift; her other films include Heathers and Kevin Smith's Mallrats. She joined the long-running Little House on the Prairie in its last season, then played Wilford Brimley's utterly wholesome teenaged granddaughter on the squeaky-clean family drama Our House, which ran two seasons.

Her performance in Heathers impressed Tori Spelling, who recommended Doherty for Aaron Spelling's new high school soap opera, Beverly Hills, 90210.

During her four years on 90210, Doherty starred as Brenda Walsh, opposite Jason Priestley as her twin brother.

The tabloids reveled in her late-night lifestyle, and her co-workers complained that Doherty was often late, irritable, and -- some suggested -- hung over on the set.

In late 1993, she left 90210 under vague circumstances.

There was no press release, but her departure is usually described as being fired.

Sans Doherty, 90210 continued to earn good ratings and annual renewals through the millennium.

She had a recurring role on the cheesy hardbody soap opera North Shore, and in 2005 she starred in a pilot for a new sitcom, Love, Inc.The show was picked up by UPN, on condition that Doherty's role be recast.She had breast enlargement surgery in 1992, the same year she was sued by her bank for writing bad checks.Also in 1992, she was charged with battery after a catfight with then-actress Bonita Money, which cost Doherty her endorsement deal with a blue jeans company.Her first fianc, real estate dealer Chris Foufas, demanded his engagement ring back when he became convinced that Doherty was cheating on him.Her second fianc was Dean Factor, heir to the Max Factor fortune, but tabloid reports said Factor and Doherty fought physically and violently, and their affair ended with a restraining order.Two weeks after meeting erstwhile actor Ashley Hamilton, son of sun-tanned George Hamilton, she married him, and seven months later they were divorced.Her second marriage, to internet huckster Rick Salomon, came to an end after he co-starred in the sex video that made Paris Hilton sort of a star.In 1996, Doherty pleaded no contest to vandalism charges, after an argument in a coffee shop ended with the actress smashing a stranger's windshield. In 2000, she was put on probation after a drunk driving conviction, but she has not been arrested in recent years, and has announced herself to be a Republican.In a 2010 interview, she said she was dumbfounded by the next generation of show business bad girls. You sort of stop and go, 'Wow, it's sort of what's acceptable now'."Father: John Thomas Doherty (owned a trucking company, b. 2010)Mother: Rosa Doherty (owned a beauty parlor)Brother: Sean Doherty (b."The irony is that, if I was doing the same stuff now, I wouldn't be getting the attention. 26-Nov-1967)Slept with: Jason Priestley (according to Priestley)Boyfriend: Chris Foufas (real estate magnate, dated 1991-92, broken engagement)Boyfriend: Dean Factor (cohabited, 1993, heir to Max Factor cosmetics fortune)Husband: Ashley Hamilton (m. Apr-1994)Boyfriend: Judd Nelson (actor, dated 1994)Boyfriend: Rob Weiss (director, dated 1995-96, broken engagement)Boyfriend: Vince Neil (musician, Mötley Crüe)Husband: Rick Salomon (online gambling mogul, m. 2003)Boyfriend: Jason Pomeranc (owner of 60 Thompson Hotel in Manhattan, dated 2004)Husband: Kurt Iswarienko (photographer, m.

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