Stephanie pratt dating

The reality TV star is still happily dating Joey Essex after they met on the show.

The E4 series attempted to find love for celebrities by encouraging them to date ordinary folk.

But despite Nadia's frequent protestations, Steph, 30, and Joey, 26, ended up dating each other.

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But fans were left more confused as they appeared to be celebrating their five-year anniversary – despite only knowing each other one month.Taking to Instagram, the ITV2 star shared a snap of himself and the Made In Chelsea stunner, as they enjoyed a loved-up dinner."I really can't wait to prove everyone wrong," he wrote alongside the snap."This girl is one of the kindest, sweetest, most genuine people I've ever met and it sucks that she's having to take s**t off some people because of dating me, down to some disillusioned idiots that think they know me because of watching 10 minutes a day of me on a highly edited TV show for 5 weeks."It's all never really bothered me, and I found it all pretty funny in general because I've always thought that anyone dumb enough to believe everything they see on reality TV, doesn't have an opinion worth worrying about. Ciao." However, his 515k followers were left confused by the upload, with many asking why a plate on their table read: "Happy 5th anniversary".Love Island's Jonny Mitchell and Made In Chelsea star Stephanie Pratt's budding romance has been going from strength to strength since Jonny left the island – click here to see their romance in pictures "But when it starts to affect other people I care about then it's obvious that it's gone too far. If you're really the kind of person who has to hate on a stranger, then it's your own life you should be worrying about. "When you pretend it's your fifth anniversary at a restaurant to get a cheeky free dessert cos you've gone all out and didn’t realise how much the calamari for starters costs," another replied.While a third added: "Awkward that the dessert says 5th anniversary but they've only been together 1 month…Clearly having to make out like it's been longer to get free s**t from the hotel." Jonny later cleared up any speculation over the trip, explaining he had a problem with the language, and the ‘anniversary’ dinner was simply a mistake.He recently opened up about his relationship with Stephanie, and admitted she is a "cool girl". Online, he said: "I’ve been doing a little bit of dating… Me and Steph are hanging out, she’s a cool girl." "I went out to Croatia with her, I’ve met all of her friends. I don’t want to give too much away, it’s not really my place to say, but we’re hanging out. Fans went wild over the possibility of a potential Jonny and Stephanie romance.

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