Steps for updating hpux with update ux

2 Updating Firmware Using HP OS Initiated Firmware Manager Downloading an HP OS-Initiated Firmware manager (OSIFM) firmware package downloads afile that contains a firmware release in a patch or product for HP-UX or a Smart Component for Linux or Windows.This chapter addresses the following topics:• Updating firmware on an HP-UX System • Updating firmware on a Linux System • Updating firmware on a Windows System Updating Firmware on an HP-UX System Downloading an HP OSIFM firmware package on a system running the HP-UX operating systemdownloads a file that contains the firmware package in either a patch or a product, dependingon the type of system:• A patch or product for an entry-class system • A product for a mid-range or high-end system To determine if the firmware package is in a patch or product, see the release notes for a firmwarepackage.This section describes how to update firmware on an entry-class, mid-range, or high-end systemrunning the HP-UX operating system.It describes the following tasks:• Tasks to perform before updating firmware • Upgrading firmware on an entry-class system • Upgrading firmware on a mid-range or high-end system • Verifying the firmware update For procedures on how to downgrade or reinstall firmware, see the firmware package releasenotes.Before Updating Firmware The following lists tasks that you must complete before updating firmware on a system runningthe HP-UX operating system: • Perform all the tasks listed in the prerequisites section in the firmware releases notes.

• Do not update firmware on the i LO Management Processor over the network while updatingsystem firmware. For additional information, see the administration guide that came withthe operating system.

• For entry-class systems, clear the system event logs.

Follow these steps to clear the systemevent logs:1.

Establish a telnet session with the i LO Management Processor (MP). Log in to the i LO Management Processor as an administrator.

Once the disk has been physically installed, the system should detect the device that a new device is available on the SCSI bus.

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