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Unknown He has been seen in a couple of national commercials including Cure Pancreatic Cancer, and Burger King.He believes in God, but it is not known which religion he follows.His film and TV roles in movies like He had his first aired episode in 2002 when he played Rick Kendrick in medical drama series ER in just 1 episode.For 2014 film “About Last Night,” Michael had to lose around 25 pounds for the role. He said that his man weight was little heavy for the studio.So, he had to shed off that weight to look like a 28 year old guy.Michael also does Cross Fit exercises with her trainer Ron.Together, they work on Michael’s fitness and as a by product, he also looks good. Ealy spent his entire childhood in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Michael Ealy, Source: Pinimg Ealy attended the Springbrook High School and later completed his graduation from the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland. Steve Harvey's so-called self help book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is about as sharp in its insights as a dull butter knife.The only reason for the monumental success was a mention by Oprah, and she could push a book about dried poop to the best seller list.Described as the guide to helping women decode the supposedly complicated inner workings of the average guy's brain, the book is really a bunch of cliches given clever little nick names and written for those with the relationship acumen of the 40 Year Old Virgin.The film doesn't fall far from the tree, and is best taken as a simple rom-com with a bevy of incredible African-American talent taking advantage of a rarely given opportunity to shine.That's not to say that Think Like a Man is a film specifically targeted at African-Americans, because it isn't.One of the true joys is seeing people like Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, and Regina Hall in a comedy with some universal truths.The never ending war between men and women on the field of love is something everyone can relate to, and the games we play are time tested and battle worn.Before the manipulation game begins, one has to get through an hour of Steve Harvey ego stroking, as the comedian pops up every couple of minutes, grinning like he stole somethin'(like your money if you bought his book) and mugging for the camera.The story centers on a close knit group of guys who all represent clearly stereotypes depicted in the book: there's the mamma's boy(Terrence J); the "dreamer"(Michael Ealy); the Playa(Romany Malco); and the man child who won't commit(Jerry Ferrara).The men find themselves taken off guard by the release of Harvey's book, which has apparently been dropped from the heavens and written by the all-knowing hand of some love deity.

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  1. With all of the angels populating the world and watching over us, there are bound to be some demons chasing us around, causing us grief and heartache. Enter a world of fairies and magic as a killer demon!