Texas black women for white men dating

A Texas-based college student says she is just a step away from suspension after creating and handing out a flier that supported Black students.25-year-old Emily Walker, who attends Southern Methodist University, is on disciplinary probation following a months-long investigation by officials linked to the university.Walker says she created a flier last November titled, “Why White Women Should Date Black Men” in response to another flier titled, “Why White Women Shouldn’t Date Black Men.” The latter flier included a series of racist and offensive claims about Black men.She believes that she did nothing wrong and is being unfairly targeted.“They handed me one of the hardest punishments you can get on SMU, Walker told .“I was like, ‘I’m a White woman.’ I’m going to show the author, ‘No, sorry buddy.

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“The university does not disclose information about student disciplinary matters in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act,” SMU officials said in an emailed statement sent to Walker says the university felt her fliers added to an already tense and hostile environment on campus.While they contained risqué generalizations about White men, Walker says it was a satire meant to send a supportive message to African-American students on campus.“If you do one thing wrong, you could be suspended and off this campus,” Walker said.Everyone goes through hard times in their lives and many a time due to their own mistakes or misjudgments.It is tough to face the consequences and deal with all the rollercoaster of emotions one expeiences with life and black women are pretty notorious for keeping these matters private.They may talk to their girlfriends or even relatives about what happened with Mr.Man or how they made some silly completely-out-of-character decision but black women will NEVER want this business out in the street.It’s mostly out of pride in that they don’t really like to appear, or feel, out of control, vulnerable, or stupid, especially when it involves a bad situation in a romantic relationship.While black women, like most women, like a little attention, black women never want their sensitive matters in the spotlight .They never want their name associated with any type of gossip.Some higher profile examples of this reality are the love lives of Janet Jackson and Beyonce Knowles.

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