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You can print this out and give it a try but it’s useless. It’s impossible to learn it, because southern men are born casanovas.

Opinion The success of a southern European man starts in not being afraid to come up and talk to a girl.

Start slow: a nice Italian espresso or a long walk on some historic street. Know the entire history of the cities in which you live - who the fountains are named after, who the statues are. Take her hand, lead her to the perfect part of the venue – not in the centre, not too far back. Talk in a way that they're not used to - not the typical 'northern' lines, because 60% of all human communication is body language, with 30% being the tone, meaning 90% percent isn’t coming out of your mouth.

Know the most romantic little cafés, bistros and trattorias, the candlelit places where you can be alone and drink the most fantastic wine. Hold hands – the second time you will check her reaction. At this moment she should be enjoying everything you say - or that’s what she thinks!

Tell the lady what's on the menu, what she should try. Your female companion will be wondering: is he that cool, or just pretending? Whisper into her ear, listen to her carefully, gaze into her eyes, but know the limit – don't make her feel uncomfortable.

Up until this step, you might only have brushed her upper hand or maybe the back of her hair for a while to check for reactions. Place your hand on the middle of her back, not too low (yet! Know how to make her feel that she rules the game, even if this is false!

Dancing is in the schedule, depending on the music.

She has already had a couple of drinks which make her feel relaxed and more confident.

Of all the world's living cultures, Greece's is among the most ancient.Ethnic Greeks have inhabited the area since 1000 B.C., and the nation as we know it today dates to 1830, when it won independence from the Ottoman Empire.Greece is among the most homogeneous nations, with 98 percent of its population sharing an ethnic identity, as well as a strong Greek Orthodox religious tradition.Households consisting of several generations are still the norm in Greece, even after many families migrated from rural areas to cities.Living quarters are modest, in city apartments or equally small country houses.Children often live with their parents until they get married, which the overwhelming majority of Greeks do.The birth of the first child is an important event, and the child is showered with attention, with relatives coaxing him to eat.Relationships with family members remain close throughout life.The status of women in Greece has advanced greatly during the 20th century.Traditionally, Greece was a male-dominated society in which public life was reserved for men and private life and the home was reserved for women.

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