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The Povydlyanka is a mouth-watering pie made with jam and semolina.

The Ukrainian soil is very fertile therefore the fruit jams are common in almost every big family.

The highlight of this recipe is that one can use jam to taste.

In early spring, the one of the most vitamin-rich products is the ramsons; that is why the ramsons salad is not only a mouth-watering dish, but also can support the organism in its fight against vitamin deficiency.

It is a tender layered salad, a very frequent guest on a festive Slavic table.

The salad’s name comes from the yellow flower mimosa that’s why the salad’s top is dressed with egg yolk. The classic recipe features mackerel or saury, however the contemporary Ukrainian housewives might use tinned tuna or salmon.

It is better to eat the salad for breakfast, however due to high level of vitamin it can provide the energy and strength all day long.Kvass is a popular Slavic drink known since the Kievan Rus times.Made from rye or barley malt, it is not only very tasty, but refreshing and helpful for metabolic processes' normalization.Besides that, kvass is traditionally summer drink that perfectly slakes thirst and increases efficiency.In order to make real kvass, you need minimum ingredie Situated in the town's historical center, the restaurant 'Concord' is considered to be one of the best in Kyiv.It became a trendsetter for fusion-fashion in the capital and still remains a flagship of this creative culinary trend.'Concord' has a history of many years and is famous for its creative cuisine that combines French, Oriental and Italia The stylish atmosphere restaurant "Steakhouse.Meat and Wine" in the historical center of Odesa is one of the first conceptual facilities of the "Resta" restaurant corporation.It is famous for its original interior, cozy atmosphere, and in the first place for diverse and dainty menu. Meat and Wine" is a real creative laboratory of me The restaurant Familia is located in Kharkiv historical part, within a few steps from the metro station Arkhitektora Beketova.Facility’s menu features European dishes, recreated after Kharkiv restaurants’ ancient recipes. You will need to register and create an account to be able to use any of the features and interact with other member profiles.

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