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Hardware manufactures often provide updates for BIOS and other types of firmware.To apply (often referred to as "flash") the updates is sometimes not straight forward on GNU/Linux systems. Warning If the hardware is operational there is often no need to upgrade the BIOS.If something goes wrong permanent damage may be caused to the BIOS or system firmware that may expire the hardware warranty. First find the motherboard's manufacturer and the model. Most of the needed information can be found in the user manual.The sys-apps/dmidecode package can be used to retrieve additional information on system hardware.After searching for the manufacturer's firmware update, proceed to download the package necessary to update the hardware.It is normal for a manufacturer to store firmware update packages in .zip, .exe, or format.

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See the note at the end of the "Using System Rescue CD to boot Free DOS" section for details.Free DOS can be used to run DOS-based BIOS update utilities.A "custom" Free DOS image which includes the necessary BIOS tools must be created.After the custom image has been generated, boot the image via one of the methods shown below.Download Free DOS and tools: Note If you simply wish to update your bios, there is no need to tinker with the Free DOS image on System Rescue CD.After creating the bootable System Rescue CD stick as described above temporarily loop mount it to a directory, say /mnt/temp.So if your stick is /dev/sdb the command would be: to the BOOTDISK directory there, it won't cause a problem with the Sys Rescue CD filesystem.Unmount the stick and reboot from the Sys Rescue CD stick you just made.When you choose freedos it will drop you to an A: Some motherboards can support flashing (via the sys-apps/flashrom package) directly from the system.In this case the only needed component is the BIOS image.Before continuing this path, first check the list of supported hardware.

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