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This page describes how to go about getting access to new La Te X packages, either by installing them yourself in your home directory or by requesting them to be installed system-wide.If you need a package to perform a particular task, but you do not know the actual name of the package, there are several resources you can use to find out: If the package is listed on one of the above pages, it is already available.These pages also provide documentation on how to use the packages that they list; if you have difficulty in using a particular package, send mail to your local computing support person.The remainder of this document describes how to go about making a new package available for use.There are two basic options available: If the package that you want to use is likely to be useful to other people as well, you can ask that it be added to the common Informatics installation.To request that a package be added, please ask your local computing support personnel.

Having said that I will highlight the purpose of La Te X (Te X) for those of you, like me, who are too lazy to bother reading those pages - The original Te X was designed with two main goals in mind: to allow anybody to produce high-quality books using a reasonably minimal amount of effort, and to provide a system that would give exactly the same results on all computers, at any point in time.

For me, La Te X is all about the second of those two points - easy reproducibility.

First of all, there are lots of different types of La Te X distributions.

To simplify your search here are a couple of simple suggests: There are two parts to a La Te X installation: a La Te X distribution (the compiler) and an editor to write the document in (a text editor of your choice): You can use any text editor you like but there are a couple that were designed for La Te X and have built in La Te X typesetting functionality that is really useful - if you’re just starting out I suggest: Te XShop on a Mac and Te Xworks or Texmaker or Te XStudio on Linux, and Mi KTe X or Texmaker on Windows.

How to create a document with “hello world” as the content: Go to this link and watch the video This video is designed for Tex Shop but most of this is applicable to Tex Works or Mik Te X too.

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