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The DMC3SE_130_file you have requested: Official Patches / v130 / Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition v1.3.0 Patch - 26.85mb is not available.Perhaps try browsing all files for the game Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening and upload any files you want to share or are missing.This is the only information we could locate: 1 Minimum System Requirements Supported OS: Microsoft Windows2000/XP *1 Processor: Intel Pentium III Processor 1.0GHz (Intel Pentium 4 Processor 2.0GHz or higher recommended) Memory: 256MB (512MB or more recommended) Video Card: 128MB VRAM car A patch updating the Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition to v1.3.0.It fixes various gfx/texture issues, and adds Vista compatibility. This forum is dedicated to the research and development of modifying Devil May Cry 3 and 4. MAKE SURE YOU' RE ENTERING YOUR SEARCHES INTO THE RIGHT FORM. Likely the existing trainers will not work with DMC4SE, and re-gathering what we've all gathered individually I suspect will be a time-consuming effort.We have an assortment of released mods, tutorials and other resources that should be useful if you are attempting to learn to mod this game. We would appreciate it if everyone could read and adhere to the Rules and Regulations upon registering. I think if we pitch in what we've gathered we could see some more scripts (or new ones from those who don't have the time to scan or decipher disassembled instructions), and push the limits of what's thought to be possible e.g custom enemy behaviors.

It'll give an idea of what parts of the game can be modified I think.And probably someone will think up of a really creative request or a more personalized version of an existing mod for themselves.E.g I got a couple of really minor tweaks that aren't huge modifications that maybe aren't worth their own GUI and attachment scripting. v=3u Rk Wa Tx Bw4 I haven't- I actually wasn't aware of the thread at all.Some like infinite Caliburs, reordering Dante's weapon switch orders, shrink/grow enemies and bosses, style meter decay rate, and scoring stuff. I get from it that someone is keybinding combinations for "auto-combos" with the likes of Auto Hotkey or macros.I'm not sure if you've seen the videos from this, but they had something similar. If you're interested in that "combo binding" thing I can upload a new video with it, but I probably won't release it, because of the reasons mentioned in that thread. Though Infinite Caliburs, I mean the amount of Caliburs that can be done in the air (one, which is reset by Enemy Step or landing), not an infinite automated sequence of them.Though I do get some of the consequences of pushing out a cheat table that affects scoring since this time DMC4SE might actually have Steam leaderboards for PC, and any sort of data available from the cheat table can lead to illegitimate high scores. No, actually it's a script I made that's binding a specific move to a key. I can spam Caliburs on the ground (and in the air too) without even jump canceling.I can also do that with any other attack and in the above video you can see a Lvl 3 charged Blue Rose shot being repeated like a lot of times.Also in the original 3 videos I uploaded in the original thread I showed DT attacks being spammed without even triggering, Blue Rose charged shots, aerial moves on the ground, etc. Off some of your descriptions it reminds me of a Spoiler AL table for DMC3 my friend handed to me.But for the sake of gameplay videos & competitions, those changes (except binding a single move to a key) look obvious enough for the judges and viewers to point them out and appropriately disqualify.Append: Because otherwise I'd be double posting.I should be getting my hands on a copy of DMC4SE in an hour or so.

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