Validating identity vista

This article describes the steps necessary to connect to your Cradlepoint through your computer.Your computer only allows one network connection at a time.

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Sometimes when the settings of the client device and the router don't exactly match, the client won't see the router's Wi Fi network.If you're running in this issue, try the following: Check if there are other wifi-capable client devices (laptops, tablets, phones, etc) that CAN see the Cradlepoint's wifi network.Scenario 1: Just one device cannot see the wireless network, while others can. Within JYU campus area please primarily use either jyu-student or jyu-staff networks! In case you have previously connected to the wireless network by using Secure W2-program, first select jyu-student or jyu-staff from the list and click "Remove". Uncheck the checkbox "Automatically use my Windows logon name and password" and click "OK" 19. Click "OK" once again so the settings are saved and enabled. A popup will appear on the right side on the taskbar that will ask for the username and password. jyu-student and jyu-staff networks need specific settings to be set before they work on Windows Vista. Click "OK" once again The certificate has now been installed and you can proceed setting the wireless network settings manually. Click the wireless netwok icon once on the right side on the taskbar on the desktop. Confirm the removal of the settings by clicking "Yes". To get the wireless network working on Windows Vista, you will first need to install a required root certificate on the computer and then configure the wireless network settings manually. The only difference is that when connecting to eduroam, you will need to type your username as [email protected](e.g. [email protected]) The easiest way to configure eduroam on Windows Vista is to download and install a pre-made configuration file from: (Click the button where it says "eduroam user: download your eduroam installer" and select "University of Jyväskylä" as the organization. Make sure that "Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate" is selected and then click "Next" 6. Then select "MS Windows Vista" as your operating system and download & install the configuration file.) 1. Download the certificate "Digi Cert High Assurance EV Root CA" from here, or use another computer to download it and then transfer the file via USB. Double click the certificate file to start the installation. In the "Network name" field type in the wireless network you need: After this click "Configure" 18. In case you are at the JYU campus area, the wireless network will start to connect. Type your JYU username password in to the "User name" "Password" fields. when using eduroam you will need to type your username as [email protected](e.g.

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