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The early dating days can be full of excitement, but many people can’t help but be distracted by debt… Credible’s debt and dating survey reveals that student loan debt can prevent relationships from getting started, and make it harder to keep them going – another reason to see how refinancing that debt could save you and your dating life.

Even more startling, 53% said they’d be willing to give up dating for up to five years, and one in 10 said they’d put their their love lives on hold for more than 10 years if that’s what it took to eliminate their debt.Although student loan debt is an important issue for those seeking a mate, debt is a taboo topic.According to the survey, on a first date, most people are more willing to talk about nearly anything — their religious views, income, dating history, or politics — than their own debt situation.Two-thirds (66%) of those surveyed believe that the right time to tell a potential partner about their debt is when a relationship is getting serious, while one in 10 people would wait until just before getting engaged.As they dig for details about a potential partner, on the other hand, our survey respondents said they were most interested in their love interest’s dating history.A partner’s past romantic involvements were seen as more important than their religious views, their income, whether or not they were deep in debt, or who they voted for in the 2016 presidential election.Even in today’s polarized political climate, having differing political views isn’t a dealbreaker for most people when it comes to a potential partner.Our survey showed the red flags that are most likely to throw cold water on a smoldering relationship include discovering that the person you’re dating is unemployed (31%), has bad spending habits (20%), lives with their parents (15%), or is always on their phone (14%).If some of the attitudes revealed by our debt and dating survey make it sound like finding true love is a long shot, take heart.Nine out of 10 of those surveyed said debt is a fact of life these days, or that true love conquers all – including student loan debt.Just 9% thought that being debt free was a prerequisite to getting a new relationship off on the right foot.

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