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It’s unfortunate, of course, that these ladies weren’t exactly the most responsive bunch that we’ve ever had the chance to try and meet up with.Out of those 180 e-mails that we sent, we only received 15 responses.That was enough to make us stare in disbelief for a good period of time, and really made us realize that this site was just not good for dating at all, especially when most of the e-mails we received in response were closer to Viva Street scams.This is an ad-posting site, and that makes it extremely vulnerable to scams.With that in mind, Viva Street scams shouldn’t be a surprise to you if you try and use this site; they should be an inevitable.That’s not the way that we like to enjoy dating sites, however, and so we were quite disappointed by this whole business.It’s a shame that this site has sunken so low, but ultimately, we weren’t that surprised by it.These sites never really work for dating, and that’s why we were just happy to get away from it entirely unscathed. Between all of the scams that are cluttering it and the simple fact that it IS cluttered, it’s just not a very good site for dating.Viva Street needs to stick to classifieds for puppies for sale or washing machines that you’re trying to get rid of, because trying to help people meet and hookup really isn’t its strong point.Fortunately, there are sites like Xpress that actually work when it comes to dating classifieds.Xpress is our number one site for a reason, and that’s because it actually WORKS when it comes to helping you find the dates that you’re dying to have.

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