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In 2011, Eduardo Paniagua, another musician devoted to Leonardo’s instrument—which does indeed sound like a “one person string ensemble,” as a commenter at this Meta Filter post noted—released a disc of 19 songs by Baroque composers, contemporaries of Leonardo, played on a Viola Organista built by Japanese maker Akio Obuchi.

(Hear the full album on Spotify above.) Accompanying the album, writes Spanish site Musica Antigua (quoted in English here via Google translate), is “a profusely illustrated booklet with eleven of the organist viola prototypes that Leonardo himself devised,” with descriptions of the instrument’s operation by Paniagua.

Though Leonardo himself never built, nor heard, the instrument, it did attract interest not long after his death.

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  1. La démence du clip ci-dessus évoque celle du rappeur coréen Keith Ape, mais les deux artistes russes ont également sorti des morceaux plus posés, en collaboration comme en solo, à l’instar de Creator ou Eco Futurism.