When did heidi and spencer start dating

was a glossy, relatively low-drama “reality” show about an already-beloved MTV star, Lauren “L.C.” Conrad,” who was getting through life as a fashion student and intern in Los Angeles.At least, that’s what it was until Spencer Pratt joined the cast in 2007. He was running late because he decided to go get a haircut after his jiu jitsu class.By now, you know the story: Pratt began dating ‘ star (and Conrad’s best friend) Heidi Montag, and all the interpersonal chaos began. “If I had DJ Khaled‘s money right now, I would probably [get a haircut] every day,” he says.Conrad’s relationship with Montag changed, and finally the tension came to a head when Pratt allegedly spread rumors about Conrad making a sex tape with then-boyfriend Jason Wahler. That’s when Pratt became reality TV’s newest villain. If that means I gotta just Snapchat for free right now, that’s what I’m gonna do.” On the occasion of the MTV series’ 10th anniversary — yes, it’s been a decade since you first reconnected with L. These aren’t the fancy 0 haircuts of his past, though.These days, Pratt — who lives with Montag in Santa Barbara — is known more for his silly social media presence than his on-screen antics despite his and Montag’s best attempts to re-enter the reality TV world after officially ended in 2010. “When you pay , you’re in a way better mood and my barber loves being on Snapchat as much as I love putting him on,” Pratt says.

I feel like I just put one foot in the villain door, and I should have gone to the max.Simon Cowell, he’s the most famous a—hole in the world! ” And by “gone farther,” he means he would have gotten TMZ — a site he checks each morning soon after waking — involved, specifically whenever he interacted with Conrad.“I should have put myself in situations where I could have been like, ‘You’re a liar! because my mom thinks no matter what I say, people don’t want to hear the truth,” he says when asked about it.’ where paparazzi videographers saw it and they got footage so if MTV tried to manipulate it, at least the real scene got out there.” He’ll say he doesn’t want to talk about the sex tape scandal — and then will anyway. “So instead of pleading the fifth, I’ve gotta plead the mom here.” Then he continues to vow that he “didn’t start anything.” “If it was a real lie that Spencer created, with all the lawyers and all the little lawsuits that go on in Hollywood, do you really think I wouldn’t have been hit with a cease and desist for a defamation of character-type case?” Being seen as a villain has affected his self-esteem.Even though he’s had “haters since at least seventh grade.” “I was always used to dealing with negativity, but on a massive scale, it definitely started getting frustrating, like, are you guys for real? They never film one scene where the cameras are off tripods.Do you think [on] a real reality show, everything can stay in one place where they have cameras set on tripods? “I just thought the audience was way smarter than obviously they are, so that was frustrating …I feel like I should be producing reality television shows, but no network’s calling me up like, ‘Spencer, you were able to on-camera produce a show without any support and make a hit show.’ But no, I’m just some crazy reality star …So, yeah, I guess it definitely hurt my self-esteem.” He says he’s “back to being BFFs” with Brody Jenner Pratt and Jenner first entered the reality TV world with Fox’s stars by crashing Conrad and Montag’s nights at the club.Their friendship eventually dissolved, though Pratt says they’re back on track now.“He knows that I got too deep in my character, and I just blew it,” he says.

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