White girl asian guy dating website

“, I decided to test out the dating scene for white people.Since I’m not white (unless your vision is seriously impaired), I had to hide behind a platform that let you be whomever you want to be: Tinder.I went on Tinder to create two accounts: one as a white male (James, 24 y/o) and one as a white female (Lauren, 22 y/o). In the opinion of three Viet friends that I asked, these people are attractive but not Brad Pitt/Scarlett Johansson level of attractive. I can’t post their photos here because I need the accounts to do further research.I started James’ account on Dec 27, 2016, and Lauren’s account on Dec 29, 2016.I swiped as James for 3 days and as Lauren for only 1 day.The short lifespan of Lauren’s account is partly because after a day I’ve got enough materials and partly because I got bored.Idk about you but I find small talk on Tinder excruciating.

Both James and Lauren had their settings to be default. It’s common knowledge that online dating is depressing for men because of the low number of matches and the low response rate. I assumed it’s because Tinder ran out of active female users in Hanoi.

James’ real account gets about 2 or 3 matches a day when he’s actively swiping in the US or the UK. Still, James averages 22 matches a day, at least 7 times higher than in the US or in the UK.

It’s so easy that some white guys make a game out of it.

I can almost hear them laughing while drinking cheap, cold beer on Ta Hien streets: “WHITE POWER!

” It’s also worth noting the number of girls who message James first.

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