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Marzia Bisognin, born (October 21, 1992), also known as Cutie Pie and Cutie Pie Marzia, is a 25 year-old Italian vlogger known for her videos on You Tube.She mainly focuses on vlogging, fashion and make-up.She also creates How-to/DIY videos in which she makes various things, such as jewelry, foods and accessories.

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Marzia went to Sweden to live with him for a period of time until 2012 when Felix moved to San Paolo, Italy.While there, they both stayed at Marzia's parents' house.Marzia has traveled abroad many times with the first being to Los Angeles from May 16th, 2012 to May 21st, 2012 with Felix.Then, between December 3rd to December 7th of 2013, they vacationed in Brighton in the United Kingdom.After receiving an invitation from Chictopia to go to New York City in attendance for Fashion Week, Marzia and Felix arrived there on February 7th, 2013 and later met up to spend time with mutual You Tube friends Anthony Padilla and Kalel.During April 2013, Marzia and Felix went to Los Angeles and stayed there for a month.A party was hosted by Felix in Los Angeles to celebrate the growth of his channel to 6,000,000 subscribers and invited anyone interested in attending.Felix was nominated in the category of social media for the Social Star Awards 2013.As the live ceremony would take place on May 23rd, 2013 at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, he and Marzia took the opportunity to go.During the summer of 2013, Marzia and Felix moved into a Brighton flat for three months.Marzia opened her You Tube account for Cutie Pie Marzia on January 16th, 2012.

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