Who is dania ramirez dating

costar Dania Ramirez with a quick shopping trip in West Hollywood on Saturday afternoon (June 13).Zach, 32, will soon be heading out to NYC to produce and star in a movie about the world financial meltdown.He tells Jam, "I would play a sort of young financial analyst who comes from a rocket science background and applies that knowledge to the financial world.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen this particular Cinderella story being told.

That’s what I’m most excited about people watching.” And she spoke of the significance of her role in relation to Adult Henry (Andrew J.

West): "They were just interested in like, 'Who is this girl? ' The main thing was: 'Does she have chemistry with Andrew?

' Because, he's about to go on a quest for his own story and his own life.

What was important was, 'Can we tell a different story with a completely different perspective?

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