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Tyson Kidd Height, Weight, Age, Bio, Body Stats, Net Worth Wiki. The WWE couple Natalya Neidhart and her husband Tyson Kidd tied the knot on June 26, 2013, after dating each other for 12 years. Explanation about how and started are natalya and tyson kidd still dating is princeton and willow dating dating couple lana and girlfriend. WWE couples who arewere together in real life Tyson Kidd was severely injured while taking a Muscle Buster The WWE couple started dating and were. Wilson, aka Tyson Kidd, has been around for quite a bit.

Wrestlers, tyson kidd heels were reeling early, but kidd. One of the cutest and hottest couple of WWE- Tyson Kidd Girlfriend Natalya Neidhart are both one of the most talked about!Check the Wiki details, profile, biography and everything you need to know about this couple!We all are very well aware of the WWE king wrestler Tyson Kidd.His agility strength and power is appreciated all over the world.And also no one in unknown about his love of life spouse Natalya Neidhart, is a wrestler who works for WWE.Apart from being one of the most dynamic couples in the WWE, Nattie and TJ Wilson have quite a history together.They have known each other since they were 12 years old and have been couple since more than 10 years.Natalie Neidhart,33, is a Canadian-American professional WWE wrestler who wrestles under the name Natalya. She won the Stampede Women’s Pacific Championship and Super Girls Championship in 20 respectively. She began dating TJ Wilson in 2001 and they married in 2013. They got married in 2013 in a beautiful wedding surrounded by family and friends.Nattie and TJ were married on an episode of ‘total divas’.Nattie and TJ had been dating and living together since November 2001 after TJ had first become friends with Nattie’s family members.

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