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UPDATE: Organize Series 2.0 Final has been released. Finally, I’ve reached the point where I can release a beta version of the Organize Series 2.0!It’s been a long time in the making and I’m glad to finally have reached this stage.Unfolding is now running on Word Press 2.3.3 and I’ve installed Org Series and all seems well.I’m still going through the code and cleaning it up, adding internal documentation, and structuring the files so it’s a bit more intuitive.I also want to get Org Series 2.0 ready for Word Press 2.5 before I do a final release.However, since I know so many people have been patiently waiting for me to get this version out the door I decided to release the Beta for those brave souls who want to give it a go.

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I’ve stuck to using the hooks into the Word Press core as much as possible to take advantage of the built in goodness (security and efficient db queries).

New “Manage Series” page and integration with the “Manage Posts” page.

Org Series 2.0 takes the “organize” in Organize Series to a whole new level.

It is much easier to edit series information and edit posts that are part of a series.

With a new column on the manage-posts page indicating the series a post belongs to (if it belongs to a series) and the ability to filter the listing of posts by series, users can now more efficiently work with their series of posts. No longer do you need a separate plugin to manage images associated with your series.

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