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People who actually typed their own real bio for the most part won't read yours they just go straight for the pics only and blindly come at you not knowing any of your story.

I was disrespected quite a bit with bold approaches outside of me blocking some ladies, I had to report some that crossed the line and they'll report you back from you just defending yourself correcting the issue and get you banned off the site.

It's People Media Meet's fault people aren't seeing eye to eye cause they won't update their site features when currently it looks like the old 03' Myspace styled site.

The daily match feature is also a waste of time cause they showcase profiles that are no longer active as in a member that hasn't been logged in for a very long time within that feature, and if it's your B-Day they say it's your Birthday way before the actual date and after the fact your B-Day has passed I found that out by clicking on the how others see your profile tab.

I'm a straight guy and I saw other men mixed in with the women while browsing and they let all that slide under the radar.

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